We’re excited to have so many excellent acts this year! Below is the schedule of acts.



8 pm – All Star Showdown

A highly interactive improvised game show. One part “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and one part “Match Game PM”. The audience can be as involved as they want to, but aren’t picked on. The game show features a series of short improv games, challenges and more!

10 pm – Quintin and Friends (WSG)

Detroit improv Legend Quintin Hicks and friends perform a character-driven set.

10:30 pm – Damaged Goods

Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Damaged Goods has quickly become Derby City’s premiere and most sought after improv comedy troupe. Since their inception, they have taken their special and unique brand of high energy short form improv games and managed to become a recognizable name in Louisville’s soaring and vibrant arts scene. Voted by LEO Readers as one of the “Best Comedians” and “Best Performing Arts Groups” in Louisville in 2011 and 1st Place in the new Best Improv Troupe category in 2017, Damaged Goods has spent their career thrilling audiences from Chicago, to San Francisco, and even Canada! Often called “The Most Exciting Improv Troupe In The Biz,” Damaged Goods’ unique style of high energy improv games continues to leave audiences begging for more

12:00 am Midnight Improv Lineup

  • Fractal Rock

Fractal Rock is a duo from Cincinnati. It’s made up of Charlie Roetting and Sean Dillion.

  • Human Amusements

Human Amusements’ unique blend of character-driven long form, instructional-video riffing, and parade of weird wigs has been entertaining Metro Detroit audiences weekly for the last year, winning Go Comedy’s “Best Late Night” award for 2013. This past spring they also had a successful run of their critically acclaimed sketch show “Better Living Through Human Amusements”. You might meet a friendly policeman, cable access psychics, “health” “professionals,” or anything else they come up with. Expect to come away from each show a little wiser, and pleasantly confused.

Members: Amber Hunt, Chris Petersen, Jen Hansen, PJ Jacokes, Pete Jacokes, Travis Pelto, Joe Hingelberg, Matt Naas

  • Pete and James

Pete Jacokes & James Quesada

1am – The Elastic Time Cannon

The Elastic Time Cannon is a completely improvised adventure through time and space. It’s an absurd laugh-out-loud thrill ride of a show!

2 am Sauced Open Improv Jam

An open improv jam where anyone can sign up and play short form improv games

3 am Improv Lineup

  • Javelin

James Quesada, Gary Lehman and Bob Wieck feeds off of the unique energy of their audience making every show as unique as the people watching.

  • Planet Ant Farm team

Jaclynn Cherry, Michelle Studer, Andi Miraz, Kate Holmes, Josh Nouri, Audra Jantz, and Sarah Wilder perform a form know as “A Car Event”.

  • Business Chipper

This Cincinnati-based Troupe began performing short and long form improv together in 2016 when they met in college. They blend free-spirited play with emotional frankness and unbridled fury to create something very strange.

4 am Improv Lineup

  • Thursday Interns

Doug Kolbicz and Janelle Soulliere

  • H.A.N.G.

Hannah Taubitz, Adam Bacigal, Nick Boulahanis, and Geulah Finman perform their variation on a montage.

  • Shawn and Pete

Shawn Golden and Pete Felsman, a long-form duo, as organic as possible in structure.They don’t know if they’re going to take an audience suggestion until they’re on stage. The goal is to emphasize and pursue connected play over clever play.

5 am Improv Lineup

  • SM Experiment

Doug Kolbicz and Pete Jacokes

  • Hard Pass

Ashley Hughes, Alex Bergmans, Torey Arnold, Marley Gluf, Lola Ahearn, and Adam Finzel

  • Nordberg

Tim Lally and Jeffrey Smyk is a duo who performs one continuous scene usually at a specific large in area location like a mall or music festival etc. which is discovered in the show. Meaning they don’t get the location as a suggestion and they don’t force finding it. They play multiple characters that all interact and interweave with each other that promises high energy. There is never any sweeping or calling of scene, the show is non-stop fun!  The characters are big and the humor is playful. Like two skilled adult children playing “make believe.” Nordberg always has tons of fun when they perform and it is very infectious on audiences.

6 am Improv Lineup

  • Where’s Winston

Tracy Turner, John “Edge” Leasia, Dylan Shay, Ben Niemeier, Chelsea Sturza, Joe Lucido, Austin Millard, Amanda Reynolds, and Adam G. A newly form troupe that just graduated their intro 3 class and are going to do a short form set.

  • Bob and Shannon

Bob Wieck and Shannon Coon

  • Low Estrogen

Graham Leslie, Will Curry, Dan Tice, Mitch Haba, Robert Hahn, and Vincent Van Tiem

7 am Improv Lineup

  • Steve the Ghost

Katie Hoffman, Keenan Mullaney, Paul Weinberg, Emilee W., Justin Angryrancor, Dan Kanter, Adam Brody, Katie Marinelli, and Bobby Bedard perform a version of a Harold that they call a Weird Room

  • Mystery Puppy

Hunter Dunn, Sonia Khaleel, Adam Hirzel

  • Bumble Bee Breeders

Keenan Mullaney, Patty Gould, Katie Hoffman, Jenny Haddo

8 am Improv Lineup

  • Crab Fight

Dan Zemke, Alex Macksoud, Mitch Haba, Robyn Orlando, and Bob Hahn perform a long form show completely devoid of humans.

  • Moxy by Proxy

Allyson Miko, Allen Smock, Kate Holmes, Ryan Westbrook perform a long form stage painting set.

  • James Addiction

Kathryn Gonsior, Alex Bergmans, Mike Maghiar, Amy Oprean, Sue Durso, and Sarah Wilder perform a character monologue based montage.

9 am Improv Lineup

  • Brenda

Matt Townsend, Chris Grimm, Katie Parzych, Allyson Miko, Havah Roussel, Ian McCain, Peter Felsman, Steve Vagts, and Shawn Golden perform a Narrative, relationship driven long form based on the Sleepover form

  • Unicornicopia

Mike Ramey, Doug Kolbicz, Annie Hendricks, Nicole Pascaretta, Stefanie Bainter, Andy Cach, John Anderson, and Steve Vagts are a troupe specializing in, but not limited to the Harold as our main form, Unicornucopia is an improv troupe of 8 funsters who deliver an engaging energy to all of our performances. Our strong group mind allows us to get on the same page quickly, presenting fantastic, absurd and fun connections through exploration of relationships and characters.

  • Dyanisty

Nicole Pascaretta, Cari Sue Murphy, and Stefanie Bainter are an Improv trio that draws upon their musical background to create a blend of A Capella songs which showcase a variety of genres and talents. These songs create the inspiration for improvised scenes that will make you sing with laughter.

10 am – 2 pm: Family Friendly Block (kids 10 and under get in for free)

  • 10 am – Mitten theater (Livonia)
  • 11 am – Little Peeps from the Pointless Theater (Ann Arbor)
  • Noon – Jr Improv jam Open improv jam where kids can sign up and play.
  • 1 pm – Unprepared and Confident (EMU)

2 pm – Gabber Media presents “Transmissions From the Darkside” Podcast LIVE!

A podcast reviewing all four seasons, in order, of the iconic 80s horror anthology show Tales from the Darkside. Hosted by Jen Hansen, Matt Rose, and Matt Naas.

3 pm Improv Lineup

  • Cash and Cari

RJ Cach, Cari Murphy, and Jeremy St Martin perform a Musical location.

  • HugSquared

HugSquared is a group of people that truly love each other and you can tell when they hit the stage. Always making it a point to meditate before going on stage.. SHHH that’s a troupe secret! Sometimes they will open their show giving special hugs to the audience and end it with a big group hug onstage to get ready. Everyone in the troupe has had years of training and performing all over the Detroit and Chicago area.

  • Musical the Improv

Sara Rose, RJ Cach, Scott Meyers, Nicole Pascaretta, Tam White, Dana Arcicovich, Alex Quail, Jeremy St Martin

4 pm  Improv Lineup

  • 10’s

Tim Kay, Chris DiAngelo, Jeremy Griffin, Billy Crawford, and Suzie Jacokes perform a fast-paced, character driven montage.

  • Skeleton Farm

Trevor Brown, Molly Alampi, Alex Suriano, Mike Maghiar, Scott Lehman

  • Too Soon

Bob Wieck and Peter Jacokes: two best friends perform a duo set after being up for 24 hours

5 pm Improv Lineup

  • Falcon Stand

Sarah Wilder, Sue Durso, Tia Peruzzi, Esther Navarez, Jeff Horste, and Shawn Golden perform a Rotating Armando

  • Future Kids
  • Natural Born Killaz

NBK is a Detroit-based duo. Jaclynn Cherry and Mike Smith played their first two-person set in 2014 when the rest of the members of their larger troupe couldn’t make a show. Sparks flew, emotions ran high, and the rest was history. Contrary to their ridiculous name, the duo focuses on grounded scene-work, playing with honesty and vulnerability.

6 pm Improv Lineup

  • Brothers Jacokes

Growing up the Jacokes Brothers (Pete and PJ) had a fondness for adventure movies: The Goonies, Star Wars, The Explorers, Indiana Jones, Gremlins (which, if you look at it through the eyes of Gizmo, is quite a ride!) and others. That love for campy, adventurous fun can be found in their improvised stage show, too. For a decade, exactly once a year, The Brothers Jacokes were on the hunt for the elusive free cookie. Then, about 8 months ago, they found it. Which was unexpected, but it happened and they moved on. The Brothers Jacokes had no choice but to take their sets on other adventures and now they search for what- or whomever the audience demands in a wildly energetic, self-referential parade of characters, locations and more.

  • Dangerous Liaisons

Nick Bitonti, Jenny Bloomer, Jeffrey Smyk, and Mitch Socia perform an Eventé – form revolves around a single event

  • TWrecks

Doug Kolbicz, Tom Novik, Maggie O’Reilly, Mitch Socia, and Erik Heilner

7 pm Improv Lineup

  • Hot Gold

Dylan Wolff, Lilly Keyes, Will Curry, Sonia Khaleel, Adam Hirzel, Tess Hannah, Nate Hudson, and Patty Gould perform a long form montage, which starts with a shared character monologue.

  • The League of Pointless Improvisors
  • Planet Ant Home Team

8 pm – The 24 Hour Sketch Show

A one-hour sketch show based on audience suggestions received 24 hours previously that is written, rehearsed and performed within 24 hours.

9 pm – Improv Lineup

  • Listen Stupid

Nuverre Naami and Tom Novik have been performing together since 2013. This duo loves to play all kinds of characters, using a montage of scenes to patiently explore and connect everyday relationships and encounters.

  • Contest Winners (TBD)
  • 26 Hour Players

A collection of all the improvisors who have stayed up the entire time Snow Day has been runnng performing a sleep deproved and entertaining set to close out the night